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Meeting Rooms

From casual meetups to high priority work sessions, Crew has you covered.

Trust Crew to take care of your meeting requirements, and enjoy the comfort of a turn-key collaborative space. Take full advantage of the services and amenities provided to make the most of your time, available by the hour or for the day. From our Café Booths to our fully equipped Meeting Rooms, Crew has the ideal space for you to attain your individual and professional goals.


Semi-private cubicles in the Café

The booths are ideal for individual workspaces or casual meetings of up to four guests. The booth is private enough to help you focus on the task at hand, but also open to the ambient sound of the café and the visually stunning architecture of the space. Book your booth in advance to ensure that you’ll have the right environment to get the most productivity out of your next visit to Crew.



Remote workspaces & turnkey meetings

These private meeting rooms are available for a maximum of 6 people (in accordance with the current health guidelines)

Each meeting room comes equipped with:

  • A whiteboard (including markers)

  • A table and electric outlets

  • WIFI: Crew Café (Public)

  • Water service



Fully equipped, private & flexible

Conference Room #1 comes equipped with:

  • A 60 in TV with wireless Chromecast connection

  • 12 Work tables and Chairs

  • Lounge area

  • Electrical outlets and power bars

  • High speed WIFI

  • Water service

  • Adjacent washroom

  • Breville kitchen lounge



Salle de réunion / Meeting Rooms

Puis-je réserver à l'avance? Can I reserve in advance?

Oui, vous pouvez réserver à la date de votre choix via notre site internet. - Yes, you can reserve for the date of your choosing via our website

Les salles sont-elles privées? Are the rooms private?

Les banquettes sont semi-privés (pas de portes). Les salles de réunion et les salles de conférence sont privées et insonorisées. - The booths are semi-private (no doors). The meeting rooms and the conference rooms are private and sound proof.

Puis-je réserver pour une journée complète? Can I book for a full day?

Oui. Les réservations à la journée et à l'heure sont disponibles sur le site web. Les demandes de réservation en dehors des horaires disponibles peuvent être adressées à - Yes. Full day and hourly bookings are available through the website. Requests to book outside of the available hours can be sent to

Qu’est-ce qui est inclus? What’s included?

Certaines salles sont équipées de tableaux blancs, certaines de nos salles disposent d'une télévision avec connexion sans fil Chromecast, les équipements de chaque espace sont répertoriés dans la description sur la page de réservation. - Some rooms come with whiteboards, some of our rooms have a television with wireless Chromecast connection, the amenities for each space are listed in the description on the booking page.

Quelle est la capacité? What is the capacity?

La capacité de chaque espaces est répertorié dans la description sur la page de réservation. - The capacity of each space is listed in the description on the reservation page.

Quelle est la politique d'annulation? What is the cancellation policy?

Si vous annulez votre réservation moins de 24 heures avant l'heure de début, nous émettrons des crédits que vous pourrez utiliser pour votre prochaine réservation. Si vous annulez plus de 24 heures avant le début de votre réservation, nous vous rembourserons intégralement. - If you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before the start time, we’ll issue credits you can use toward your next booking. If you cancel more than 24 hours prior to the start of your booking, we’ll give you a full refund.


Are the virtual offices not perfectly suited to your needs? The Crew also offers closed office options of open space offices, private offices, and more! Do not hesitate to contact our team for any additional information or to arrange a visit to the spaces.