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Spaces for rent

A unique place for an unforgettable event

Crew Collective & Café has a range of spaces for any event, from creative workshops and small dinners, to movie filming and weddings. Come and visit the venue to take in the grand architecture and ornate details that make the space one of a kind. Crew is designed for modern functionality, and yet remains steeped in historical ambiance. 

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Privatize the main floor of a heritage bank

Once the headquarters of the Royal Bank, this heritage space was built in 1926. The main rooms inlaid marble floor, ornate painted-plaster ceiling and custom brass light fixtures have all been retained and restored. The subtle redesign of the space by architect Henri Cleinge, including glass walls and brass plated steel, add privacy, while the high ceilings and ornate details remind us of the buildings’ history


10 foot black granite bar, 3 large chandeliers, 2 high brass glass tables, double sink, washrooms, direct access to an elevator, a large movable island, a podium, and all of the furniture used in the café, including 8 large tables and 48 chairs. Accessible by the main staircase in the building lobby.

Capacity : 250  standing. Seated capacity depends on the layout of the space.

Square feet : 3,000

COVID-19 : All bookings are made in respect of the Quebec government hygiene measures.

Salle principale


Host a small gathering in a stunning setting

Located on the main floor of Crew directly beside a thirty foot window, the East Wing is ideal for cocktail hours, presentations, photoshoots, and filmings. The space has direct access to the Zen Room, and the Crew Suite (making the booking of both spaces combined an option), as well as a private washroom.


20 foot counter, double sink, electrical outlets, 4 tables, 16 chairs, and 1 couch. Projector, screen, and appliances available to rent. Accessible from the main staircase, through the coworking.

Capacity: 30

Square feet: 900

COVID-19 : All bookings are made in respect of the Quebec government hygiene measures.

Ail Est
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An impressive point of view

The East and West Balconies are landings which overlook the grand main staircase. Each balcony is surrounded by a marble balustrade, and can be accessed through a locking glass door. The entire majesty of the main entrance can be seen from the balconies, making them ideal spaces for photoshoots, special meetings, and filmed interviews.


1 table, 4 chairs, 2 armchairs, 1 coach, 1 coffee table.

Capacity: 8

Square feet: 150

COVID-19 : All bookings are made in respect of the Quebec government hygiene measures



A quiet space that is comfortable and secure

What used to be the bank president’s office is now the Zen Room. A quiet space with dark wood panelling and a bay window. When not being used by our members as a chill room to unwind, stretch, or receive a chair massage, the Zen Room is ideal for private meetings, photoshoots, interviews, and corporate portraits.


Couch, coffee table, armchair, two plush floor level rocking chairs. Projector and screen available to rent. Accessible through the coworking space, the room has a locking door and adjacent washroom.

Capacity: 8

Square feet: 240

COVID-19 : All bookings are made in respect of the Quebec government hygiene measures.



The most productive environment to reach your goals

Our meeting rooms are private rooms divided by brass walls, and enclosed with glass partitions, and are ideal for any projects that require a quiet bright space, They are set up for meetings of up to 6 people with table, chairs, whiteboard, and Crew stationary. Record, teach, interview, brainstorm, or reserve time to fully focus on the task at hand.
Accessible with a magnetic key through the coworking space.


Table (dimensions), 6 chairs, whiteboard. Projector and television available to rent.

Capacity: 6

Square feet: 170

COVID-19 : All bookings are made in respect of the Quebec government hygiene measures.

salle réunion
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Furnished, private, and secure

Located on the mezzanine, these large south facing rooms are an extension of the Collective designed to offer more traditional office space. A wall of windows faces each room, which is closed off by a locking glass door. The conference rooms contain 6-12 individual white oak desks with Herman Miller posture fit chairs, couches and other lounge furniture, wall mounted televisions, and all the office amenities required for a team to work productively. The furnishings can be organized to suit the organization of a variety of projects, including presentations, board meetings, conferences, hackathons, and innovation labs. Accessible by elevator through the coworking.


Desks, chairs, couches, poofs, coffee tables, printer stands, televisions, and Crew stationary, with an adjacent washroom and kitchen area stocked with Breville appliances.

Capacity: 6

Square feet: Room 1: 6, Room 2: 9, Room 3: 12

COVID-19 : All bookings are made in respect of the Quebec government hygiene measures.

salle conférence
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