Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, there’s a lot going on here. Have a question? Let us help you out.

I’ve heard a lot about you! What exactly is Crew? Do I have to pay or become a member to come?

Crew Café is open to anyone and free to enter: we welcome you to come in and enjoy the café just as you would another establishment. But on top of that, if you’d like to become a member or work in a private area, we’ve made that easy for you to do.

After noticing that the concept of work and workspace was increasingly less formal and traditional, (and its sister company decided to open a café that welcomes you to come by and spend all day working. The Crew Collective and Café is now independently owned and operated.

We live our tech company roots through the integrations that you’ll find in the space. Think -- online ordering and delivery to your spot in the café, live-updating menu, online meeting room bookings, Slack channels for members, etc.

What was this building?

We are located on the ground floor of 360 St. Jacques, the original Royal Bank of Canada headquarters built in 1928. The space is an historic, protected building in the heart of old Montreal, and we occupy part of the first floor.

Can anyone reserve a meeting room?

Yes! Meeting rooms are open to all -- and bookable online, anytime. You may modify and cancel your reservation directly online once you’ve made it.

What’s “the Collective”?

The Collective is our private, members-only workspace. Anyone can join the Collective, for anywhere from one day, to one month, to a year and beyond. Access is always 24/7, and there are plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow members.

Is there food?

But of course! Check our menu out here. It live-updates, so you may notice changes from day to day - or even moment to moment. Order online right here.

What’s Unsplash?

Unsplash is one of our co-founding companies -- for gorgeous photos, check out their website here.

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