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Crew Collective & Café



You don't need a reservation to come and visit Crew. The café is open to those who want to discover a one of a kind space to dine, drink, work, and meet.

Located in a heritage building that was once the Royal Bank of Canada, Crew Collective & Café offers a variety of services. Our professional workspaces include an open coworking space, modern meeting  and conference rooms, and private offices. Crew is also a third wave coffee shop open to the public, and a venue for special events, all together in a breathtaking architectural and historical setting.

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Our services



A historic setting

The building that Crew calls home was built in the 1920s for the Banque Royale du Canada by the New York architectural firm, York & Sawyer. The original design boasts an impressive marble mosaic floor, original glass and brass bars, and lighting from opulent golden chandeliers. Limestone and sandstone walls are inlaid with the coat of arms of each of the Canadian provinces, and topped with coffered ceilings intricately designed with wood, gilding, and plaster by the Italian master Angelo Magnanti. These rich architectural components have been thoughtfully restored to preserve a part history for generations to come.

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Visit us today!

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